Data acquisition

Hello, I would like to know if there is a possibility of acquiring the historic data from a whole river, without having to go point by point.
Moreover, right now it is only possible to get this data for eeach point from 2010 onwards and with a daily resolution. Is it possible to aquire the complete data from previous years?

Thank you,Paula
Paula Aparicio Garcia


  • There is no option to choose all subbasins in a river today. I have a workaround that might help you:

    • Download data from the last ”delavrinningsområde” called ”Mynnar i havet” for your river
    • Open the excel file
    • Open tab page “Uppströmsområden”
    • Mark and copy all SUBID in column A
    • Paste and rearrange data into a row (instead of a column). There might be a problem with excel if too many rows. In that case make smaller copy (less than 100).
    • Copy the new row with data.
    • Open Notepad and past the subbasins
    • Replace all tabs with a comma (,)
    • Choose your dates and push the “Skicka” button. You get a new excelfile with data from all subbbasins.
    • I recommend you to start with a test with just a few subbasins to see how it works.
    Best regards
    Maud Hydrolog
  • Thank you so much Maud!
    Paula Aparicio Garcia

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