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Can I somwhow estimate the current water level in Gagirjaure?


We are plannin a fishing trip to Gagirjaure 29.7.and it would be very interesting to understand something about the water level in the lake at this moment. The water level goes up and down during the year because of regulation and that has a big impact on the success of our fishing. Can I estimate this somehow from the data you provide on the web or can you guide me to somebody that I could contat? Thank you.
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  • Hi,
    SMHI has a product, Hydrologiskt nuläge (https://vattenweb.smhi.se/), available online. This enables you to see the water flow, however not the water level, at different points in the river systems of Sweden. The flow rate is obtained from modeling and any potential effects caused by water control are not accounted for. So in water system much affected by such activities it is primarily the water control company that has information concerning water levels. The closest stations seem to be Ritsem krv and Vietas owned by Vattenfall vattenkraft AB.
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    Modellexpert sötvatten

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