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Why buss drivers on morby station are always late

The buss that goes from morby station to stenhamra is standing on the morby station for 10 mins not leting people enter the buss and warm up, then insteas of departing in time predicted by the scedual it departs 3 or 4 minutes later so i always lose conection between solna an nora ulvsunda by tverbanan. That happens every morning, and not only the one that departs at5: 45 its the same with the one that goes before that on, and same with the one that departs after that one. Since we have only 2-3 minutes to get from solna buss station to solna tverbanan and catch that conection we always miss it. So or corect suggestions on your app because its impossible to connect or make drivers be more responsible towards us who are buying 30 day tickets every month. Thanks
Vladan Grujic

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