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How do I register for SSG Entre?


I am going to Sweden next month to work at a mill that requires SSG Entre. How do I proceed?


  • Hello,

    First of all you need to know if the company you're working for is registered or not - if so; contact the administrator.

    If the company is not registered already - start the registration by filling in this form https://atlite.ssg.se/Register/Start . You'll receive an email with log in details as soon as the application is processed.
    Petra Sahlén Supportadministratör
  • Hello,

    Similar to the previous question I would like to ask how can I receive the ENTRE card remotely. Infact, the company which is in Finland accepts ENTRE card to work on their site, and to test the equipment we develop for them.
    Thank you!

  • Hi Darius,

    The cards are shipped by mail to the company's delivery address.
    Our card manufacturer also ships them to countries outside of Sweden.
    Thomas Björling Supportadministratör

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