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What do I do if I do not get a student apartment?



  • If you are not offered a student apartment at Skövdebostäder and need to look for accommodation elsewhere, we have some tips on how to expand your search.

    For example, you can find tips on the University of Skövde's website.
    On Skövde municipality's website there are also contact details for many landlords in Skövde that you can contact.

    It is also usually good to look for accommodation in nearby cities such as Skara, Skultorp, Tibro and Stenstorp, which all have good bus or train connections to the university.

    On Blocket Bostad and in Facebook groups you can check for private landlords.

    There are also usually a few students each semester who sublet their student apartments during their studies abroad. Keep in mind that a subletting must always be approved by the landlord. When we approve subletting applications, we always send a copy of the approved application to both the first-hand tenant and the subtenant.
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