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How do I make a registration in the queue for student apartments?



  • To make a registration in our queue, go to "Mina sidor" at our website and then "Registrera dig".

    Start with choosing "Jag vill registrera mig som sökande" (the other option is for the ones that already are tenants).

    If you do not have a Swedish social security number, fill in your date of birth (YYYYMMDD) and press "här" and four random letters will be added. Those are important to remeber since they, together with your birth date, make your log in complete.

    Please make sure that you have pressed that you are searching for student apartments (studentlägenheter) and not regular apartments (lägenheter).

    When you are registered in the queue you can show your interest in the available student apartments from Friday to Monday. You find them under "Sök ledigt" and then "Student".

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