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Can banks refuse to handle cash?

Can Swedish banks refuse to handle cash?


  • With effect from 1 January 2021, some of the larger banks and other credit institutions supplying current accounts are obliged by law to supply certain cash services. This means that there shall be places where consumers can withdraw cash, and where companies and associations can deposit daily takings. However, the obligation to supply certain cash services is not a requirement to offer services whereby consumers can deposit cash or companies can withdraw cash. Nor is there any obligation to supply cash services of the counter, that is, manual cash services. The current regulations are contained in Chapter 9 of the Payment Services Act. The act is in Swedish but a summary in English can be found on page 21. Betaltjänster, förmedlingsavgifter och grundläggande betalkonton, SOU 2016:53 (regeringen.se)
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