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Translation Grant for Book by Swedish-Danish authors (written in English)?

We would like to submit a grant application for a book written by two authors (Swedish, Danish) who first published their book in English. We would like to translate this book into German. Is it possible to apply for a translation grant? Thanks very much in advance for your answer.


  • Dear Sabine,
    Regarding your question about translation grants: The Swedish Arts Council supports the translation of works that are originally written in Swedish or any of the national minority languages.
    This being the case you are unfortunately not eligible to apply for a translation grant, since the book was published in English.

    Best regards
  • Thank you very much for your very quick response, Elisabet. It appears that by writing their book in English (and thereby trying to reach out to a larger audience) the authors landed their project somehow on a sidetrack. It certainly is very common that translation funding is tied to the national languages. Still, it would be really helpful to learn whether you know of any other funds which support the translation of literature from Sweden/Denmark which do not make this link between culture and language. I would be very happy to find out! It is a book at the border between fiction and non-fiction which is all about Nordic culture.
    Kind regards,

  • Hej!
    Det går bra att vända sig till Svenska Akademien för att ansöka om stöd till översättningar. De har medel även för internationella projekt.
    Maria Antas
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