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Organisation number error


I've filled in my company's organization number in the contact details required section, but can't save it if it's telling me that number is the wrong format. I've tried putting it in as shown [Please use the corresponding XXXXXX-XXXX], but our company number doesn't have the same number of digits as your example shows - it's only eight numbers long, as opposed to the ten you have in the error update. Please can you advise how I can fix this?

Many thanks.
Yours sincerely,


  • Dear Katerine,
    When you create a new account you need to tick English version before you start fill in your company information. See below:
    I hope this will help you!
    Most kindly


  • I have the same problem of katherine, but I'm updating my profile which is already in the English version. This risppsta does not help me :-(

    Eva Capirossi for Scritturapura casa editrice

  • Dear Eva,
    If the problem still occurs with the English version, I recommend you to fill in the following information:

    Company registration number: 000000-0000
    Account number: 000-0000

    Kind regards,

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