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How do we apply for funding for a teacher-workshop?

We are making a Skapande Skolan Projekt and have been contacting schools to see if they are interested. Now we have been apporoached if we can also give a workshop to the teachers.
How would we ask for funding for this? Does Skapande Skolan also apply here?
Kim ten Oever


  • Hello Kim,

    Anyone who, according to the Swedish Education Act, is a municipal, state, or independent principal for compulsory school can apply for this grant. You can also apply if, according to the Education Act, you are the principal for certain special forms of education, ie have teaching at special youth homes, for students who are cared for in a hospital or at an institution attached to a hospital, or at international schools at primary school level (which reads under the Swedish Education Act).

    If you are the principal of the special primary school, special school, and Sami school, you can also apply.

    Please read if you can apply for the grant here.

    Best regards

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