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Whisk bowls... plastic and stainless

We have been using the heck out of our mixer and love it.  We have often wished the whisk bowl had a pitcher style handle, as when pouring batters from the bowl into cupcake pans or onto a griddle, the lip is less than ideal for tipping the bowl with any control.  Is there a clip on handle available?  Are there plans to add a handle, or a reason why a handle is a bad idea?  Because I am seriously considering welding a stainless handle onto our stainless bowl when it arrives.  Thanks.


  • Hi Matt, thank you for your message.

    We have chosen not to include a pitcher style handle from a hygienic perspective, as a handle will make it more difficult to keep the whisk bowl clean.
    We will however consider your proposal and have forwarded your idea to our R&D people.

    Kind regards,

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