I'm strongly considering purchasing the ANKARSRUM mixer. My question is this, "Is the 600 watts of the appliance the true wattage?" I've heard that some small appliances have to state that the wattage is less than it actually is. Currently, I am using a KitchenAid mixer with 575 watts and don't really want to "upgrade" to something that is not much stronger.
Marina Crisler


  • Hello Marina,

    the mixer comes with a 600w motor, 600 watts is the maximum power the mixer can consume. But wattage alone doesn't fully explain the strength of the mixer.

    The mixer is equipped with a powerful gearbox which converts the electricity into a very powerful torque, and I am confident it will handle almost anything you'll throw at it.
    Johan Customer Service
  • a user on reddit said: I bought Ankarsrum. I must have never learned how to use it or something, but it depends a lot on the friction between the dough, the roller/hook and the bowl. It's great for things like sourdoughs (which hardly need mixing anyway), but I had trouble with low-hydration doughs like bagels and enriched doughs where I added fat during the medium gluten development stage. When I asked the forums what to do, the suggestions were basically "You could try wiggling the rolling pin around a bit", but honestly, if I paid €500+ for a mixer, I want it to mix the dough without me interfering. I want to put stuff in the mixer and go to do other stuff, I'm not standing here helping the mixer mix, at that point I just could have mixed the whole dough by hand. If you get Ankarsrum, at least make sure you have the right of return and try a lot of different doughs before that time limit ends.

    Before I purchase a mixer, what are your thoughts on his troubles mixing dough?
  • Thank you for sharing your concerns with us,

    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. It sounds like the user on Reddit had some challenges mixing certain types of dough in the Ankarsrum. When it comes to using the Ankarsrum for dough mixing, it is important to note that there may be a learning curve and it may take some time to learn how to use the machine optimally for different types of dough.

    An important part of achieving the best results with the Ankarsrum Assistent Orginal is to add the liquid first and then the dry indigrients to avoid the dough becoming too dry. At the beginning of the mixing process, you may need to pull the "arm" towards the center to guide the dry ingredients to ensure even mixing, but once the dough starts to form, the machine takes care of the rest.

    For cakes, cream and meringue and more, we recommend our double beaters instead of the dough mixer. We also have a variety of videos on our YouTube channel that provide tips and advice on how to use the Ankarsrum for different purposes. I highly recommend watching this video for further guidance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbaTPl8otVI

    Thank you for considering Ankarsrum, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or need more help.
    Isabella Marketing / Customer Service

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