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There is a spring with the screw for the dough hook, do we need it.

I got my Ankarsrum in Novembe, 2022. I was not sure what the screw and spring were for when we unpacked everything. This past week, I wanted to start learning how to use the dough hook. It started to scratch the bottom of the mixing bowl. I stopped and went to YouTube for help. One session said to bring the screw up a bit, but there was no screw in the shaft to work with. I remember that screw and spring.

So the question is, should the spring be on the screw when you first putit in place? Are there instructions for this?

Your help would be appreciate.
Donna Hewitt


  • Hello Donna,

    sorry, but yes, the screw is supposed to be attached in the factory, not loose in the box.

    Thread the spring over the screw and screw it down into the hole at the bottom. Adjust until the hook sits right above the bottom of the bowl without scratching.

    Can I get the serial number from the mixer so that I can report this back to production?

    Thank you!
    Johan Customer Service
  • Thank you for getting back to me. I have attached a photo of the machine’s information. The spatula that came with this machine does not hug the side of the bowl as I thought it would. If I press on it while the bowl is turning it will clean the side much better (cookie dough). Is this normal?

    Donna Hewitt
  • Hi Donna,

    no you should not have to push the knife against the bowl during normal use.

    reach out to your local distributor and they will let you know how to proceed with this, see link below.

    Distributors - Ankarsrum Sweden
    Johan Customer Service
  • My mixer also came with a loose screw, plus two loose springs. I have fitted the screw and one spring into the hole for the dough hook, but I still have an extra spring. Should there be one in the hole for the bowl scraper?  By the way, my serial number is 2208338202.
  • Hi Molli,

    no. Might just be that you've received two springs by mistake.
    Johan Customer Service

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