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Is the 240v version available in the US

I prefer the larger powered machine with the 1500W motor, fortunately i have other countertop appliances running on 220-240VAC, do you offer the 20-240V (European) version in the US?
Torsten Knepper


  • Hi!

    1500W is only available in europe. The US version is 600W.
    Elvira Marketing
  • Is the power/strength of the 600W motor the same? Will I be able to knead 5 kilos of dough like is shown in your YouTube video?

  • Charity,

    you will most likely not notice the difference when baking with the 600w mixer compared to the european version.
    Johan Customer Service
  • Hello, I am moving from Europe to Canada. Can I use my machine in Canada by using a North American cord? Thank you.
  • Hi Carrie,

    I wouldn't do it, too high risk of damage using a voltage converter. Also, you'd have all kinds of trouble trying to claim warranty on your mixer since it's made for the european market.

    My advise would be to get a canadian mixer once you're there. 😀
    Johan Customer Service

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