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Dimensions of the machine

Please provide the dimensions - height, depth, width.  Thanks.
Tina Glover


  • Hello Tina,

    Dimensions as follows:
    • Height: 360 mm
    • Width: 268 mm
    • Depth: 400 mm
    Johan Customer Service
  • Do you know of an appliance lift for a cupboard/cabinet, such as Rev-A-Shelf that accommodates the Ankarsrum? See attached.

    I so badly want to purchase an Ankarsrum, but would like it to fit in my cupboard//cabinet. Please advise.

    Thank you, Sara
    Sara Foster
  • Hi Sara,

    there was one made by Electrolux whom made the mixer before we took over production, although many years ago. I don't know of anyone that is compatible though.
    Johan Customer Service
  • Hi Johan, are you saying Electrolux used to make a lift for a mixer? One more quick q, how much does the Ankarsrum weigh? Thanks, Sara
    Sara Foster
  • Sara,

    yes, Electrolux made one back in the day, but it's been out of production for many years now and probably hard to find, especially outside Sweden.

    Weight is about 10 kg.
    Johan Customer Service
  • Hi Johan,
    Your dimensions look fantastic and I believe would fit on my Rev-A-Shelf, however, just want to clarify because the dimensions on the webpage are larger, see attached

    Thank you for your patience!

    ​Sara Foster

    Sara Foster
  • Hi Sara,

    I think those are the box dimensions 😀
    Johan Customer Service

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