API documentation

Kundo's API makes it possible to fetch all the data in your forum, and integrate it into your application or website.

All examples throughout this page are clickable, to help you explore the API. By specifying your slug below you can adapt all examples to your forum.

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Table of contents

Fetching data

All dialogs in your forum. Limited to 50 dialogs per request - see pagination.
All dialogs with topic "questions". Available topics: questions, problems, suggestions, and praise, or in their abbreviated forms: Q, P, S, and B (Why B for praise? Because "P" was taken :).
You may also have custom categories set up for your account. Use the category slug as the topic for this call.
It's also possible to select dialogs from multiple topics. Just send in a comma separated lists of the topics you want.

You can also fetch just the most popular dialogs, including just the most popular dialogs in a specific category. Popularity is also available as a sorting parameter to all dialog queries.

Each element in an API response contains a property called "uri", with an URL that can be used to access details about that object. NOTE: We've tried hard to include as much data as possible in the listing calls, so you might not need to use the details view.

All information we have on the dialog with id=1. Take statistics into concern - see register page views.

Using the "comments_uri" property you can fetch comments for a given dialog.

All comments for the dialog with id=1. Limited to 50 comments per request - see pagination.
Search through all the dialogs that contain "test". Limited to 10 dialogs per query. Make sure you clean your users search input from newlines and other invalid URL formating. Only the first 50 terms and a total query length of 500 will be considered in the search.
If you are building an autocomplete-style search you might want to add livesearch=1 parameter to your searches. This ignores "quoted phrases" and returns a shorter text snippet length for use in a dropdown. We use this for Kundo's own autocomplete feature on our site.
You can control the length of the text snippet returned from the API. The maximum length is 300.
Search through all the dialogs that contain "test" in the category "questions". Limited to 10 dialogs per query.
Search through all the dialogs that contain "test" in the category "questions". Limited to 10 dialogs per query.
Search through all the dialogs that contain "test" in the categories "questions" or "problems". Limited to 10 dialogs per query.

When building a customized forum start page, it can be helpful to be able the fetch the customizable settings for a forum instead of hardcoding them.

Configurable properties of the forum.

Properties returned:

nameThe forum name
formal_nameFormal company name. May be different from the forum name
intro_messageA short description of the forum
status_message Information message displayed when the feedback form is opened

NOTE: For compatibility with old API clients, this property is called "status_message", but it's configured with the "Information message" setting in your forum settings.
status_urlURL where user can read more about the information message
popup_headerHeader text for the popup window
default_topicThe topic that should be selected by default
enabled_topicList of all available topics
languageThe language setting of the forum
List of all public editors in the forum with name, title and picture.

Posting as editor

Posting a dialog or comment as an editor requires an API key, that an editor with that email exists and that the flag "written_by_editor" set to "true". For example this could look like:


    "useremail": "name@example.com",
    "written_by_editor": "true",
Partial example of posting an dialog or comment as editor.