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Data for 2016

I am wondering if there is a chance to get data from the S-HYPE model for 2016? The last available values are dated back to 2015-12-31.


Dmytro Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hi Dmytro!
    You can find data for 2016 up until present in a separate tab in the excel file you have downloaded. However, the tab may not be visible unless you scroll all tabs to the right. It is called "Dygnsuppdaterade värden" and is right next to "Dygnsvärden".
  • Thank you for your reply!

    The excel file that I have downloaded goes under name 'SE583718-161687.xlsx.

    It contains tabs:
    'Tillr. dygn'
    'Tillr. månad'
    'Tillr. år'
    'Profiler dygn'
    'Profiler månad'
    'Profiler år'

    However, I don't seem to find tabs 'Dygnsuppdaterade värden' and 'Dygnsvärden' that you have mentioned.

    The tabs of my interest are 'Tillr. dygn' and 'Profiler dygn', however they contain data only until 2015-12-31. Thus, I was wondering if the data for 2016 is available. I am interested in 'TOTN [mg/m³]' and 'TOTP [mg/m³]' from tab named 'Profiler dygn'.

    Thanks again!

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