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Contractor parking on Skolvägen

Good morning. Could you please let me know what are the parking rules on Skolvägen. Increasingly, the contractors that are working on the Ringvägen and Malarfronten projects are parking their personal vehicles on the street in front of the houses and the post boxes.  First it was just one or two cars and now it is up to seven or more cars and growing.  Obviously, the residents on the street should not have access problems, in addition to not being able to walk to the center, because the workers don't want to park at the lot 100 meters down the road at Enkopinvägen and Bygdegardsvägen.  Thank you.


  • Good morning Melissa

    Thanks for your mail. We have forwarded this email to the person responsible and will be returned when we receive a reply.


  • Hi Melissa
    Here comes an answer for the person wich is responsible for this.

    On Skolvägen between Bygdegårdsvägen and Enköpingsvägen, there is date parking every day between 2-16.
    This means banning the parking of vehicles on the even side of the street on days with even dates and on the odd side on days with odd dates.
    One must not park in front of the entrance to a property or so that traffic to or from is substantially made more difficul.



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