Lyssna på program från 2007

Hej. Jag är i Finland, och vill lyssna på en program, från år 2007. Hur kan jag göra det? Kan du prata finska elle engelska? Tack.


  • Hi Maria!

    Some of the content from 2007 is still available from but most of it is not. If you tell me more about this specific case, I can give you a better answer.

    Observe that you cannot reply by e-mail, so you have to visit our forum:
    Annika Webbmaster
  • I would like to listen program: "Tiistaina 19. kesäkuuta sundsvallin studiossa Mauri Junes"
    Publicerat tisdag 19 juni 2007 kl 13.12. Is it possible? Thank you
  • Unfortunately this program is not available, unless you are a researcher.  Researcher can get access to a database SMDB where the content from Sisuradio from that day is preserved.

    You have to get an account to use this database,which you might get if you are
    • studying or doing research at university level
    • is a writer or journalist
    • does research for artistic activity
    • need to prepare teaching or lectures (teacher, lecturer)
    If this applies to you, you can learn more about SMDB here:
    Annika Webbmaster

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