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Hi, recently I bought Steamer 1. It is stated in the manual that, when turned on, red light shall turn off and the green light shall come on. But in my Steamer green light does not come. I see red light on and then it turns off. No green light. It looks like the device is operational - I see the steam. But is it working properly?? It is my first Steamer from Steamery and I have nothing to compare it with. How can I be sure that the device is working properly if the green light does not come? Thank you. -Elena.


  • Hello Elena,

    This is only a matter of a typo in the manual since the Cirrus No.1 don't have a green a light. This is the correct instructions for turing it on: 
    So sorry for this mistake but your steamer is fine so nothing to worry about. When the red light turns off it is ready to steam!


    Elsa Customer Support

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