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Steaming pleats/creases into dress trousers?


I am interested in buying the Cirrus No.2 steamer as it seems perfect for my issue: most of the times I take my clothing to dry cleaning not because they are stained, but because of wear, losing their shape, their "fresh" feel, and like you say, it's better not to wash the clothes too often because it's bad for the fabric.

However, I would like to know if the steamer is also good for dress trousers with pleats/crease down the middle of the leg since it lacks some of the weight of a classic iron which helps get a visible, lasting pleat? I am talking of wool or wool mix dress trousers mostly, if that's any difference.

Thank you,


  • Hello Vlad,

    Thank you so much for your question!

    The Cirrus No.2 works fine to make pleats on trousers! There is of course a difference to using an iron since you don't get that weight and heat. You will get a more "clear" pleat with an iron but the steamer does the job as well. Here you find a tutorial (click the one that says "how to steam: chinos") that show a few tricks on how to succeed the best!

    Elsa Customer Support

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