What temperature is the steam?

Hi there! What temperature is the steam for your steamer? Thank you & have a great day!
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  • Hi,

    In our hand steamers, the temperature it's 96°C, in Cumulus No.3 and in Stratus No.2 it's 99°C.


  • Hi! Does the steamer stay hot as long as it is plugged in or is there an auto off function once it has been left plugged in for a while?
  • Hi Mac!

    Both our hand steamers Cirrus No.1 and No.2 and Stratus No.2 stay hot as long as they are plugged in on the hand steamers you need to press the button to get the flow of steam. When the Stratus No.2 is plugged in the flow will be constant. The Cumulus No.3 on the other hand can be plugged in since it has a on/off button so that steamer can be plugged in all the time ans when you want to use it you just turn in the switch. Neither of the steamer has an auto off function.

    All the best,
    Elsa Customer Support

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