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What is the difference between Cirrus and Cirrus No.2?

Hi Steamery, could you perhaps tell the difference between the Cirrus Travel Steamer and the Cirrus No.2?
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  • Both the Cirrus Travel Steamer and the Cirrus No.2 performs well.
    The Cirrus No.2 is the updated version of the Cirrus, with a few upgrades on functionality as well as design:

    Cirrus Travel Steamer:
    Needs regular de-scaling (if you don't use distilled water).
    Has a front plate in plastic.
    7 minutes of continuous steam.

    Cirrus No.2 Steamer:
    Does not require de-scaling. The boiler has a coating which acts as a repellant for scale.
    Has a front head in stainless steel, engineered to spread the steam more evenly on the fabric.
    Smoothens out the wrinkles more efficient.
    Exclusive design with a soft, matte finish and a fancy textile cord.
    6 minutes of continuous steam. 

    Caroline Customer Support

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