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Can I use the Cirrus No.2 in Australia?

Hello! I would love to use your steamer here in Australia! Can I, with an adapter, or will I have to wait for a variant for the Australian market?
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  • Hi Shelley,
    Our products are made for 220-240 V, so it works in Australia. You will need an adaptor though.

  • What if I purchased the product in the USA? It says on the website the voltage is 110V. Can it be used in Europe with an adaptor?
  • Hello Tanya,

    If you buy it in the USA with the voltage 110V you can't use it in Europe where the voltage is higher. It will break the steamer since it is not made for the high voltage in the outlets in Europe. A normal adapter don't change the voltage in the outlets you need a voltage converter in that case.

    Elsa Customer Support

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