Steamer for the US?

Which Cirrcus No. 2 should I purchase if I want to use it in the U.S.?
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  • You can choose between black, pink or blue Cirrus No.2. Some colors might be out stock temporarily, but these are the colors we carry for the U.S market. Make sure you get the one with U.S-plug. Email us on if you need help buying with the right plug.

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  • I don't see an option to select the U.S. plug.  I only see the color selection.  At what point and where in the online purchase do I select a U.S. plug?
  • In the checkout you can see what variant is selected (EU, in this case):

    We automatically ship the U.S variant if you live in U.S. If you wish to have a U.S variant but don't live in the in U.S, you need to :

    1. Make the order and in the field for notes, write that you want a U.S variant.
    2. Email us on, include the order-id and tell us you want a U.S variant. Then we will manually change the order and send you a U.S variant.



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