Cirrus 2

1. Does it come with a detachable fabric brush for delicate fabrics? On the Selfridge's website i ordered the blue one and its says its included but its not in the box.
2. How do you know when the water has finished? Unlike cirrus 1 you cannot see the water tank.
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  • Hello!

    Thank you for your question.

    1. The Cirrus does not come with a detachable fabric brush anymore. For our new batch of Cirrus No.2 we choose to take out the brush since we realize that it's not necessary to use when steaming silk and wool. What you can do then steaming silk is that you can have 1-2 cm space between the steam head and the fabric. The brush also didn't really have an effect on wool it works just as fine without that's why we stopped with the brush.

    2. There is no indication when the water tank is almost empty. You notice when there is no more steam coming out you'll need to refill.

    Elsa Customer Support

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