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what's this age thing?

what on earth does 20 - 20 mean?
I can understand something being age restrictive for some dance things but band players and other theater aspects I'm not sure it's relevant.
and I'm not entirely sure you can get away with this sort of selection everywhere. why not ask about marital status - it's as relevant as age most of the time!

oh and how does a drummer "Move"?


  • Hi Lou! Thanks for your feedback! I understand your point of view and as a matter of fact we have had problems with the acting age so instead of showing 20-65 y.o. it has shown 20-20 y.o. It was a bug but it should be fixed now. I can understand your point of view when questioning the acting age, that's a relevant opinion because it doesn't always suit all job ads for all professions. We will definitely have a look at a solution in the future, e.g. possibility to show ads with no acting age at all, which would mean everybody could apply for it.


    Thomas Development
  • Thanks for clearing that up!
    Glad it's just a form bug... ah those programmers ;-)!

    all the best,

  • Just to close this issue I want to inform everybody that we now have removed acting age from backstage (crew) worker professions thus only "on stage" performing professions will require acting age. So go on and edit your CV if you must.

    Thanks for the wait


    Thomas Development
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