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New Feature on StagePool: The Sedcard!

The format Sedcard (also known as Comp cardor Composite card) has formerly been a well-used tool in the model industry but has lately become very popular among actors and performers as well.

So we thought, why not introduce this for all professions in the whole industry and set new standards!?

A Sedcard is a small portfolio, a composition of photos and the most important personal details along with name, profession and contact information.

A Sedcard doesn't contain working experience, education/training or skills as in an ordinary full-scale CV, but is more of a "smart card".

For those of you who don't have any use of portrait photos, an alternative can be to upload pictures of your creations, demonstrations etc.

All CV's created on StagePool have a "Sedcard view". Click on "View as Sedcard" when you've entered your CV.

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