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I can't delete CV

I created too many CV's that I don't need. How can I remove them? The button doesn't work.

Aleksei Markelov Report inappropriate content


  • Dear Aleksei!

    To remove a CV you need to go to your CV page where you find your CV's listed:

    In the upper right corner of each CV box you see a red "cross" button. If you click it you will be asked if you want to delete your CV. Just click OK if you want to delete it.

    However, if the CV you're trying to delete is the only CV in your account, deletion will be rejected. In order to remove this particular CV you need to create an alternative CV since we don't accept accounts without CV's. When you delete a CV we will also warn you that all links to that CV will be broken and that the action can't be undone.

    If you find problems deleting one of many CV's please try to upload a photo to at least one of the CV's you would like to keep. Once they contain photos you will be able to delete the other CV's.

    Best regards,

    Thomas Development

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