This policy for personal data and content is applicable to this forum owned and managed by StagePool Scandinavia AB.

Policy for personal data

To write posts or comment in this forum you need to enter your name and your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is never shown to other public visitors to the forum.

By posting in this forum you agree on the following terms and conditions:

  • The name you enter is shown together with your post.
  • You provide your e-mail address to StagePool Scandinavia AB for them to store and use in compliance to Swedish law.
  • StagePool Scandinavia AB may contact you using your e-mail address.
  • StagePool Scandinavia AB stores your IP-address to be able to troubleshooting and to stop abuse.
  • StagePool Scandinavia AB may, for internal use only, use your provided name and e-mail address to lookup information in private databases (such as internal CRM systems or other databases available to the company).
  • StagePool Scandinavia AB is obligated to never sell or in any other way distribute your e-mail address, or any information retrieved using it, to any third party without your written permission. Your posts can be public documents according to Swedish lay (2009:400). In these cases your email address, when requested, may be disclosed to a third party.

If you want to have your information deleted from this forum you can report your post or comment by clicking the icon with the warning sign. Explain why you want the information to be deleted, and an editor will soon remove the info.

Content Policy

As a user if this forum you accept that topics you post will be publicly available and can be read by any visitor to the forum.

For content that is published in this forum the following guidelines apply:

  • Individuals that wish to remove or call attention to inappropriate content do so by reporting it using the link that is found right below each topic and comment.
  • We always remove inappropriate content. Such content include, but is not limited to, racist posts, pornography, threats or offensive comments to other people and commercial content. We also ask you to avoid the use of profane language.
  • We also remove content in some cases where it is obviously not relevant to the forum in which it was posted.
  • This forum is subject to Swedish law and any content that violates this law will be removed immediately.