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How do I register a new user?

  • Go to https://user.ssg.se/Login
  • Select "Manage courses and users" and log in with your user name and password
  • Select "Users" in the left menu
  • Click on "Add users", a green button to the right
  • Follow the guide step-by-step. If you wish the user to be an additional administrator, don’t forget to choose agreement
About social security numbers: If the user has an SSG Access card since before, please contact us at support@ssg.se or call +4660141510 to avoid creating "double users".


  • How do I find out the social security number of an already registered user?
  • Hello Vida,

    If a person is already registered in our system and does have a foreign social security number please Contact us (see contact information above).

    If it, however, is a new foreign user to register follow the instructions by choosing the format "other" at the step where they ask you to fill in the data.
    Petra Sahlén Supportadministratör

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