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How do I register a current user?

If it considers a person with a Swedish personal number format - register a current user the same way you register a new one and you'll find their information in the registration process.

We advise you to contact SSG Support if you shall register a foreign user that already been registered at one point, just to make sure you have the correct registration number.


  • Good Afternoon

    I would like to register 2 employees who are from the UK, who will be travelling to Siemens Finspang, but SSGare requesting a Social security number for the Sweden which they do not have, how can i register these employees.
  • Hi Wayne,

    When you want to add a user outside Sweden/Norway/Finland, please follow the instructions on the picture below.

    • Select social security number format "Other"
    • Follow the instructions in the blue box to the right.
    Thomas Björling Supportadministratör
  • Hi,
    How can i register finnish worker
  • Hi Juha,

    Click on Users --> Add user. Under social security number, click on the arrow next to the Swedish flag and select "Finland". See picture.

    Thomas Björling Supportadministratör

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