Is it ok sharing an apartment?

I have read information that I have to inform Skovde bostader in case I am planning to rent out my apartment to another person, however, I could not find any information about what and if I have to do anything if I am planning to co-live with someone for 1 semester.


  • Hi!

    Thanks for contacting us.

    Is the plan to live in your apartment together with someone or do you want to try and cohabit in his or her apartment during the semester?

    Kind regards
    Kristina Kundcenter
  • Plan is to live together in my apartment
    Elza Buldere
  • Ok I understand.

    It is ok to have someone living together with you in your apartment.

    If you want to sublet your apartment you have to apply and get the approval from Skövdebostäder before renting it out.

    Here is the information again

    I hope this information is helpful and do not hesitate to contact us again if you have more questions!

    Kristina Kundcenter
  • In order for the other person to live here and receive mail during the semester is it possible to change the door name tag and also on the post box?
  • You are welcome to contact our customer service on 0500-47 74 00 and we will anwser all of your questions.

    You will find our opening hours on our website. Click here.

    Alva Kundcenter

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