How do I terminate my contract?



  • If you have Bank-ID, you can terminate the contract by filling out a form that you find on your account. Go to “Kontrakt” and then “Kontraktsuppsägning”. After you have fill that out you will receive an email where you need to sign with Bank-ID. If you do not have Bank-ID you need to fill out a paper form to terminate your contract. Please send us an email if you would like to get the paper form;

    You have a three-month notice period (full calender months), so if you submit your notice of termination in August, the apartment will be terminated to December 1st.

    If you want to get rid of the apartment earlier, you can fill it out as a wish on the form. However, it is not guaranteed, it is the next tenant who gets to decide if they want to move in earlier or not. If the person does not want to move in earlier, you need to pay the rent until your termination date.
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