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Only sunday to sunday arrivals from 30th December?

We would like to stay in Vemdalen from Sunday 30th December for 7 nights but there is no available accommodation. All of your arrivals are Thursday to Thursday.

Can we stay 10 days?

Even better, can you switch some accommodation to run from Sunday to Sunday?

Our flights from the UK are only on a Sunday so we cannot arrive on a different day!
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  • Hello Steven,

    Thank you for your question.

    During christmas and new years we have decided to go with Thursday-Thursday since this normally works best during this time of the year. Since it's a popular time to visit there is not much flexibility unfortunately.

    We do understand that this does not work for everyone and we can't change an accomodation to instead be Sunday-Sunday since this would make it impossible for other customers to book Thursday-Thursday on christmas and new years.

    We're sorry that we don't have a solution for you in this case.

    Best regards,
  • Hello Kevin,

    Thanks for replying.  I also spoke to Lin about the problem with Sunday arrivals and she explained that December 24th is the day for celebrating Christmas in Sweden so travelling on the 23rd is too late for many people.  That's different in the UK as 25th December is the main day.

    I'm still puzzled as to why Sunday 30th December isn't an option.  Idre Fjäll and Lofsdalen both have accommodation that begins on that date.

    Anyway, it's not a problem, we have found somewhere to stay for our week of skiing.  Best wishes.
  • Hi
    Thank you for your mail,
    I´m sorry we couldn't offer you a good alternatives in our destinations. I hope you will have a lovely ski vacation.

    I hope we will see you another time in someone of our destinations!
    Best regard
  • Hi

    We will be skiing in Trysil 22nd to 27th December and just have a couple of questions.
    When are the ski lifts closed during Christmas week and what is a 3 day weekend ski pass - Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday.

    Just trying to find the best / efficient way to book ski passes.

    Many thanks
    Philip Tring
  • Hello Philip,

    Thank you for your question.

    Read more about the opening hours on our website.

    3 day weekend skipass is valid for any three days of the week, though it has to be three following days, not three random. For an exampel, it can be either friday-sunday or saturday-monday.

    Kind regards,

    Nicolina Customer service

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