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Cashfree at SkiStars destinations?

We have been advised not to bring SK on holiday as Sweden is cashless is this true
If so what are the charges for using cards
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  • Hello!
    Thank you for contacting us.

    Some stores and restaurants on Skistar's destination does no accept cash but this does not include all.

    Still, make sure to bring a card you can use abroad, Skistar does not take a fee for making a card payment but your bank might take a fee since it's considered a international payment.

    * The whole of Sweden is not cashless but it
    is more and more unusal to pay that way here.

    Best Regards,
    Linda R
  • Updated information :

    SkiStar is cash-free since 2018-10-22.

    For our foreign guests, we now only have card payment as an option.

    Kind regards,

    Nicolina Customer service
  • How should children without own credit card pay food and drinking (for example in ski lessons breaks) ?
  • Hi Bernd,

    The cash free policy only applies to shops and restaurants within SkiStar so there are restaurants that still accepts cash. However, as my colleague wrote above, paying by cash is getting more and more unusual.

    Best regards,

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