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How do I get a receipt to be able to apply for health care grants?

If you have made a booking online or by phone, we can send you a receipt for your booking. Please write to us via chat, email or forum and provide the booking number you wish to receive the receipt.

Please note that we do not have the possibility to make changes to the receipt. If a booking contains several different products, such as both accommodation and SkiPass, we cannot send a receipt solely on the SkiPass. We only have the option of sending out a receipt to the person who stands as the payer for the booking and it’s in his/hers name the receipt will be written out for. This receipt, together with a confirmation of booking, is the only thing we can provide for the application for a health allowance.

If you make your purchase on sight, you must notify in advance that you want your name to be included on the receipt. We have no way to change this afterwards. We also do not have the possibility to send a certificate that specifies who bought the SkiPass.

 We never write social security numbers on our receipts.

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