What is SJs FAQ and how does it work?

Welcome to SJ’s customer support forum! This is where you can ask us questions, find answers to questions previously asked and submit feedback. We’re here every day.

Remember that this is a public forum and any comments or replies you post can be read by everyone! Please read our policy before you post a comment. If you would like to ask a question of a more personal nature, please contact us via one of our other channels.

How do I find the answer to my question?
You can find answers on questions previously asked in several ways:

  • Via the Search field, top right.
  • Under the individual categories.
  • By starting to write a question in the form - search results will then pop up with threads that contain similar search words.

You can also ask your own question by writing an explanatory heading with the question below. Any questions similar to yours which have already been asked will pop up in the search results to the right of the form.

When can I expect to receive an answer?
We’re here every day. We always strive to answer you as quickly as possible. You must confirm your email address in order for your post to become visible to us and then we can answer your question.

How will I know when you have answered my question?
If you have asked a question yourself, you will receive notification when we have answered via the email address you supplied. Your email address is never displayed. You can also follow a comment by someone else either by replying (which means you will automatically follow the comment) or by clicking “Follow” under the comment. You can stop following a comment at any point by clicking on “Stop following this comment” in the notification mail you receive whenever there is new activity.

Must I supply my proper email address and will it be displayed?
When we have answered your question/comment, you will receive notification to the mail address you supplied when you posted the question/comment. If you have supplied the wrong address, you will not know when we have answered you. Your email address is never displayed. Please read our policy!

Can I choose whether I want my question to be visible to others?
No. All questions and/or comments will be visible under FAQ from the moment you post the comment. You can, however, report your own comment if you later decide that you do not wish to have it posted publicly by clicking on “Report comment” under the actual comment. We will deal with the report but it may take up to 24 hours before your post disappears.

What do I do if my question is personal?
If your question is of a personal nature (where we need additional information such as your personal identity number, case number, order number or SJ Prio membership number) please contact us via a form at SJ.se or via telephone to avoid sensitive information from being shared with other visitors. This also applies to any case involving another customer.

I accidentally included my personal identity number and I’m regretting that now. How do I delete it?
If you have included personal information such as your personal identity number, case number, order number or SJ Prio membership number that can be traced back to you, report your own comment as containing inappropriate content. We will then remove the comment. Our policy is also to edit comments that contain this kind of information. In other words, we can remove personal information but leave the rest of the comment/question. You report the comment under your question, next to your name (a small, grey warning triangle).

There is sometimes an orange star next to certain answers or comments. What does it mean?
Some threads become very long and it’s difficult to see which answers are by other users and which are official SJ answers. We then mark our answer as ‘the best answer’. You can see this right at the top of the question field as a link under the actual question. Click on the link to automatically scroll down to our answer. We also mark other users’ answers as the right answer if we think the answer contained a good explanation.

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