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Travel with pets

Am I allowed to bring my pet with me aboard the train?


  • Yes, you can bring animals when you're travelling with us without any extra cost.

    When you purchase your ticket on our website
    it's important to reserve a seat in the certain area called "Pets allowed", you'll find the option to do so on the third step of booking, Added extras. If the option isn't there it's either fully booked or the specific departure doesn't allow animals on board. Pets are not allowed in 1 class.

    For larger pets, or if you want more space for your pet, we will charge a additional cost (the same price as a youth ticket, 16 years old, on the route).

    When traveling by night train you can choose to reserve a seat in “Pets allowed”, or to book a whole 6 bed couchette. Follow the instruction above if you are looking for a seat reservation. For a 6 bed couchette write DJUR as a promotional code on the first step of booking, then choose the option Berth in Couchette/Sleeping car, on the next step you choose "Pets in couchettes"

    Observe that we can’t guarantee that other companies accept animals on board. For more information please contact respective company.

    Annica SJ Customer Service
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