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May I bring my bicycle onto the train?

I wish to bring my bicycle onto the train. May I bring it?


  • No, bicycles are not permitted on board our trains since our trains are not designed to accommodate bicycles on board.

    If you have a foldable bike or can dissemble and package it well as a luggage item, you may bring it on board. The same rules apply to childrens bicycles.

    Tåg i Bergslagen
    It's fine to bring bicycle on board at Tåg i Bergslagen. There is a space for two bicycles on each departure. It is not possible to reserve bicycle space in advance so it is first come first served applies.

    Observe! Certain departures on the route Ludvika - Stockholm via Västerås has been replaced with an SJ train. This means that SJ's rules for bringing a bicycle onto the train apply on these specific departures.
    Annica SJ Customer Service
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