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I have not received my e-ticket/SMS ticket - what shall I do?

My e-ticket/mobile phone ticket has not arrived and I have no receipt, what do I do?


  • If your e-ticket or SMS ticket has not arrived, you can resend it or print it at under the My Journey tab.

    Enter your order number and telephone number or email address to search for the booking. Once you've found it, you can:

    • resend the ticket (mobile phone ticket)
    • print or save it in PDF format (e-ticket)
    • change the telephone number to which the ticket should be sent
    • print a booking receipt
    If you booked travel with SJ, you can also use our application "SJ", all your e-tickets are collated there. Download our app via Google Play or AppStore.

    You can also present your ticket in PDF format in your smartphone or tablet on board SJ trains.

    Did you encounter a problem because you have not received a receipt and do not know what your order number is, or your ticket did not arrive after you tried resending it via SJ Service Center or any SJ Travel Office can help you resend the ticket. Call +46 771-75 75 75 or drop by and we'll help you.
    Annica SJ Customer Service
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