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How to register a journey at a later date to receive points retroactively at

If I forgot to enter my membership number or see that I have not received points for the trip I purchased, can I register retroactively at


  • Yes, you can register your purchase when you are logged in at our app. You have to do so within 90 days after the trip has taken place. You must have been a SJ Prio member when the trip took place.

    Log in to My page at Go to SJ Prio and Register SJ Prio points. Enter your ticket number.

    I don't have any ticketnumber?
    If you do not have a ticket number, wait with registering the ticket until you have received your mobile phone ticket or e-ticket. The number is on the ticket. You can also pick up the ticket in the app or via My page at Just enter your order number and telephone number or email address.

    It doesn't work, I just get error messages? 

    Contact our membership service by emailing SJ Prio Membership service via Enter "SJ Prio" in the category field and include your booking number and membership number.

    Annica SJ Customer Service
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