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How to purchase a ticket using SJ Prio points at

How do I purchase a ticket using my SJ Prio points?


  • To purchase a ticket using SJ Prio points you'll first need to be logged into your SJ Prio account. Click Log in on the upper right corner to log in.
    Having troubles logging in? Read more by clicking here.

    1. Make sure you're logged in by seeing your name on the upper right corner and under the field Traveller 1. Then start by booking a ticket like you normally would.

    2. On the second step (timetable), you'll have the option to pay with your SJ Prio points. Choose departure and comfort, all tickets bought with points are refundable up until departure time.

    Important! If you're buying a ticket for someone other than yourself, you'll have to erase your SJ Prio membership number under travellers information. Switch your name to an option that is suited for the traveller, e.g. adult.

    Annica SJ Customer Service
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