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How much luggage can I bring with me?

I am wondering how much luggage I can bring with me when travelling with SJ?


  • There are some simple rules about how much luggage you are allowed to bring with you and where it should be put on board the train, so all travelers get a comfortable and secure travel.

    On SJ's trains, you only bring as much luggage as you with simplicity can bring with you. You can bring up to two suitcases (maximum 80x50x35cm) for each traveler together with computer bag/handbag. 

    You can also bring a special luggage like foldable stroller, ski, golf bag, foldable wheelchair or foldable bike.

    • Stroller should be folded and put in a way so it isn’t disturbing the accessibility on the train. An unfolded stroller may only be included upon availability.

    • Ski equipment, like Snowboard should be kept in the ski bag. There are some special spaces for ski equipment at some trains. In the cases when those special spaces is lacking, the equipment must be kept well in the sleeping compartment.

    • Foldable bike that is kept in the associated cycle bag. The bike should be folded and placed in the cycle bag before boarding and must be stored in the luggage racks in each end of the carriage (not above the seat). The same rules apply to childrens bicycles.

    Our staff can't help you with the luggage when boarding/alighting the train. So it is important that you easily can bring your own luggage. You as a traveler are responsible for carry onboard /carry off your luggage, place it correctly and keep an eye on it during travel. All luggage should be put in the luggage racks, at the shelf above the seats or under your seat. Stroller should be folded and put in a way so it isn't disturbing the accessibility on the train.
    It is not allowed to bring items that are dangerous, disruptive or that intrudes on your fellow travelers space. For safety reasons the staff got the right to refuse travelers access on the train if they have dangerous luggage or excess luggage with them.
    Alexander SJ Customer Service
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