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How does a rebookable ticket work?

What is a rebookable ticket and which rules apply to rebook?


  • Rebookable tickets can be exchanged for one or more new tickets when you cancel the ticket before the train departs. You will then receive a credit value, i.e. the ticket price minus the booking fee, that can be used for travel on SJ trains.

    New tickets must be booked within 180 days from the departure date on your original ticket.

    If you do not use the entire credit value for your new trip, the remaining sum will be send to you by e-mail or mobilephone text message in form of a voucher within one week. If the price is higher, the difference is payable.

    Please note that these rules apply only to SJs own tickets. If you booked a Resplus ticket, check which rules apply for the respective operator on each leg of your journey.

    Here is where you can read how to rebook a ticket.
    Annica SJ Customer Service
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