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How do I print my ticket?

Do I need to print my ticket? Can I print the ticket multiple times?


  • No, you do not need to print the ticket. Download our application "SJ", so do you have all your tickets there. Or you can open the booking at My Journey at and show the PDF file directly at the computer or Mobile phone. If you are traveling with another company, there may be other rules.

    You can read more about what applies to our various tickets below.

    You will receive your ticket as a PDF file by email. You can present the ticket as a PDF file in your mobile phone/laptop/tablet onboard the train. You can also search/find your ticket in our application "SJ" and present it onboard the train. Presentation onboard is a faster process with an e-ticket.

    The ticket can also be printed from the email you received and may be printed multiple times. Did you not receive an email? Read what to do here.

    Mobile phone ticket
    The ticket is sent via SMS to your mobile phone 24 hours before departure. If you are travelling within 24 hours of when you booked your trip, the SMS will arrive within 15 minutes of completing the booking process. Tickets can be sent to most European mobile phone numbers.

    The SMS must be electronically readable from your screen by the staff onboard. If your mobile phone screen is broken, choose another delivery method.

    Did the SMS not arrive automatically? Read what to do here.

    The ticket can be collected from any SJ ticket machine. The ticket can also be collected, for a fee, from SJ ticket office, Pressbyrån or 7-Eleven outlets. The fee is payable on collection of the ticket.
    Annica SJ Customer Service
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