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How do I book tickets as a travel manager?

I would like to purchase a ticket for a colleague via, how can I do this?


  • To book as travel manager you will need to have a corporate agreement linked to your login.

    1. You can access the corporate agreement as soon as you are logged in, press TO SJ BIZ CORPORATE.

    You can also access it by moving the cursor over your name in the top right corner and then press SJ Biz Corporate > Book as a travel manager.

    2. Choose departure, date and the corporate agreement you wish to use for payment. Then press Continue.

    3. Select traveller from the list if the person is linked to the corporate agreement. If the person is not linked just press Add a temporarily traveller.

    4. Choose a specific departure, comfort, any additional such as food. You can also see "Corporate price" below the price on discounted departures/comforts.

    5. When you have reached "Pay" payment method should be either Invoice SJ or Travel account depending on what type of corporate agreement you have. You can also label the order with a reference. Press Continue to proceed and finish the order.

    You are of course welcome to contact our corporate support at: 0771–75 75 55 if you have any questions regarding this or if you prefer to book the tickets over phone.

    Alexander SJ Customer Service
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