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How do I apply for compensation in the event of a delay?

My train was delayed. When am I entitled to compensation and how do I apply? When will I receive my compensation and how will it be paid out?


  • If your train journey was delayed, you can apply for compensation. SJ applies EU regulations in the event of a delay.

    You can apply for compensation via our website, here for direct transfer to the relevant form.

    Whenever possible, payment will be made to the same account from which the original purchase was made. If the trip was paid for in cash, the sum will be paid into the account you provide when you apply for compensation, or via a payment advisory note.

    If you do not have a swedish personal identity number you can email us at: instead of filling out the form.

    If you would like to read the rules relating to compensation in the event of a delayed train, click here.
    Annica SJ Customer Service
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