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Having troubles logging in

I'm having trouble with logging on to my SJ Prio account on, what can I do?


  • If you're still using the same email address as when you created your SJ Prio account:

    1. Try resetting your password by clicking Forgotten password?
    2. Enter your email address and click Reset your password.
    3. You will get an instruction email sent to you within a few minutes.

    If you're using a new email address not previously linked to your SJ Prio account:
    Contact our customer service at, they'll help you with the login. When contacting us please provide the following information along with a description of your issue:

    • Name
    • Previous email address used at
    • New email address
    • SJ Prio membership number (card number)
    • Swedish personal identity number (if you have one)
    Annica SJ Customer Service
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