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Digital SJ Prio Card

How can I show my SJ Prio-Card?


  • We no longer send the SJ Prio Card to members living outside Sweden since 30th of May 2016. And new memberships are digital, so we no longer send SJ Prio Cards to members within Sweden either.

    Instead use your digital SJ Prio-card in our app.

    Download the app by Google Play and AppStore.

    What can I do in the app?

    • Buy and cancel your tickets.
    • Resend your SMS-ticket.
    • Change telephone number.
    • Make seat requests as Pets allowed or Wheelchair space and Choose seat by the window or aisle.
    • Read traffic information about a certain station or train.
    • Read traffic information about your train during travel. You will get information like change of departure and track information.
    • Sign in and watch already bought tickets and upcoming trips.
    • Sign in and watch your SJ Prio points.
    • Show your e-ticket with the Aztec-code in the app to the staff on board the train.

    You can also get a Digital SJ Prio card via link in text and email.

    You can also get a scanning membership card via link in text and email. This form of digital card is an alternative to those members who, for example, can not download SJ's app. This make it easier for our SJ Prio members to be digital members.

    For existing members who send MEDLEM to 71671 we attach a link to this digital membership card.

    For those who are abroad or do not have a Swedish mobile number:
    Send MEDLEM to +46 7301 2750 0003 and we will add a link to this digital membership card.

    Annica SJ Customer Service
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